Draw Sheet Templates

To assist our League Reps. create draw schedules, we use the Round Robin DrawMaster Calculator templates from Jeff Keeler (the unofficial draw developer for Curling Canada, and has developed round robins for events such as the Brier and Scotties).

The draw optimizes the number of times a team plays a sheet and in the event of less than a full complement of teams, the draws will balance the use of sheet 1 and 4 for all the teams.  The template does one rotation of the draw and presents it in two different formats of team vs team.  The format is a Word Document.

8 Team – 4 Sheets (7 games = one rotation) – 8 Team 4 Sheet
7 Team – 4 Sheets (14 games = two rotations) – 7 Team 4 Sheet
6 Team – 4 Sheet (10 games = two rotations) – 6 Team 4 Sheet

To edit the document, copy the table in the document to a spreadsheet.  You may need to change the font size, column widths and row heights.

If you wish to explore the 300 draws available in this spreadsheet,