Wednesday Open League 7:00 PM

The goals of the Open League are to:

  • To provide new curlers entry onto a team and to benefit from club membership.
  • To provide curlers with years of experience and/or competitive-play aspirations opportunity to focus on personal skill enhancement in a game-play situation.
  • To provide curlers having limited experience a chance to be challenged and to receive encouragement and support from more experienced club members and most importantly,
  • To have fun in our sport at a grass-roots level.

The League has two sessions (Fall & Winter) and is open to:

  • Adults and Juniors
  • Experienced curlers–New curlers–Competitive curlers–Stick Curlers
  • Standard club-rules of play will apply.

Team formats allow for teams having:

  • 3 female players & 1 male player.
  • 3 male players & 1 female player.
  • 2 female players & 2 male players.
  • There are no restrictions regarding the team lineup.
  • 5 person teams are welcome.

There is flexibility for the league format.  League members will set format terms on the first night of play.  To be determined is:

  • Will this be an out-of the hat league?
  • Will the League Representative create the teams?
  • Will the league encourage a mixing of individual players and allow for pre-determined teams?
  • Is there interest to include Skins Games into the draw?

The Draw will start at 7:00 pm on October 2nd, 2019 and be posted on the second week of play.

Forward suggestions and questions to Sean Herbert – 250-752-6985 or


League draw schedules are listed on the home page on the right side under the Canadian flag.