Email Posting – Website Posts and Announcements

Purpose of the Project: –

To empower members of the Board of Directors to post messages and announcements directly to the website, in a format that they would prefer the post to display; all without any direct involvement with the website or the webmaster.


What is Required: –

  • A regestered email address on the website that is pre-approved to post content to the website

  • An email program which allows custom styling of text, insertion of pictures, and addition of attachments to the document.

  • A strictly formated email to permit the website to receive the content and post it.


Registering your email address: –


Email Program: – All email editors will work, some much better than others. The more formatting capabilities, the more attractive your post will be to your audience. Most of the time, it’s not exactly what you say, it’s how you say it. You will want to catch the readers eye and draw their attention to your message. Fonts, font colour, emphasis, all work toward selling your message – but don’t go overboard.


The Email: – The email header (address and subject)

Two thing are going on here,

  • The From address determines if the email is a valid user to post on the website,

  • The subject identifies where to post it, and what the title of the post is

    • identify the category you want to post your announcements under.

    • the title of the post you want to present.

The category MUST be enclosed in square brackets [ …… ] and perceed the title of the post.

example Subject: [General] Pre Christmas Clearance Sale



Valid categories are:

  • Bonspiels

    • Ladies Spiels

    • Mens Spiels

    • Mixed Spiels

    • Masters Spiels

  • Business

  • Minutes

  • Pres Message

  • General

  • Leagues

  • Draw Sheets

  • Sandbox


Posts are not limited to these categories, if you have a specific place where you want a message to presist, let me know and I will set it up. For and example, the Tuesday Evening Men’s might want to set up a bulletin board for their members and have it display only on the draw schedule page, and not as a general notice.


The category might read [TueEveMens] Pot Luck at Rob’s Place 3PM. The body of the email would be displayed only on the Draw schedule for Tuesday Men’s



Email Content: –


The advantage of using the email post is all the formating that is done in the email comes through to the website, something that direct posting is very difficult do and quite limited.



Text & Pictures:


A single picture attached to the email will be displayed above the text.

A single or multiple picture(s) embedded in (inline with) the text will be displayed with the text.

Multiple pictures attached to the email will be displayed in a gallery with a link to the gallery

Pictures will be resized to a maximum of 80×80 pixels for thumnails, 300×300 for medium sized pictures and 1030×1030 for large pictures.



Special stuff


Fancy Formatted Text in a Title